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Home Depot hiring hundreds in the Tampa Bay area

8:04 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Home Depot says it's hiring hundreds of seasonal workers in the Bay area in what may be yet another sign of an improving economy.

The company plans to add more than 80,000 seasonal workers around the country, and about 1,350 here in Tampa Bay.

Is it worth taking a seasonal position?

Well consider Cherylann McMickle Miller's story. Cherylann has been with Home Depot for almost two years now, having joined the company when times were tough for her family.

"The position I'd had before sort of faded out, so I got a position here and I really like it," she says.

And now -- like nearly 50% of those brought-on board at Home Depot as part-timers -- Cherylann is about to become a full-time associate.

"More hours, more money. Be able to do more stuff. I'm looking forward to the full time hours," she says.

Cherylann's story may serve as inspiration for hundreds of people who'd consider taking a seasonal spot with Home Depot, which has also launched an Online Military Skills Translator, designed to help match the skill sets of returning service members and veterans... with available positions.

The sheer number of job openings would appear to be an indication of the company's confidence in a rebounding economy.

"We see the businesses, contractors coming in daily. More often," said Travis Mendiola, an Assistant Store Manager at the Home Depot in Tampa. "The housing market? Improving."

There's also no shortage of anecdotal data in the Bay area supporting Home Depot's observations. Residential and commercial construction projects have been springing up all over, lately.

That's good news for local contractors like Robert Bonnett.

"It's looking very well on our end. I mean, everyone I've talked to is busy," said Bonnett.

Another indicator of the area's economic engine actually has an engine. Pick-up trucks sales have been, well, picking up.

Jonathan Parker at Bill Currie Ford says work-horse models like the Ford F-150 -- which are a favorite with contractors -- are seeing their best sales numbers in a long time.

"When the sales start going up in this market, you can tell that things are happening," said Parker.

The Home Depot says it's taking applications for the seasonal positions starting now. If you'd like to apply, they ask that you start the application process online.

To get started, just click here. Good Luck!

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