Parents give science test an F

7:24 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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One of the questions in a recent test given by science teacher Dean Liptak
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Hudson, Florida - At the end of the school day, students leave Fivay High School hopefully a little smarter-thanks to their teachers.

But some parents think a science teacher there needs a few lessons himself and they give one of his tests an "F."

We showed parents the test. One questions reads: A 50 kg student has a momentum of 500 kg m/s as the teacher launches him toward the wall, what is the velocity of the student heading toward the wall?

"Inappropriate," said one mom driving onto school grounds.

"I would wonder why on earth they would put that kind of wording," said William Brown, whose son attends the school. "It has violent overtones and it's inappropriate."

It's possible the teacher's background comes into play here. Dean Liptak is a former professional wrestler who, along with his brother, made up the Power Company Twins.

According to the Pasco School District, Liptak has taught in the county for eight years and when you asked his students, they say he's well liked.

"He's awesome, he's funny, his classes are understandable," says 10th grader Shenila Farooq.

But when shown the test, even some students don't find this kind of physics funny. "Not OK at all... especially to be saying at a school," says senior Nicole Moran.

The school's principal Angie Stone tells 10 News she has spoken with Liptak, but she won't divulge what was said or the tone of the conversation. 

"We're following our normal investigative process," said Stone. A spokesman for the school district also declined to elaborate on the scope of the investigation.

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