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Flag football tournament to honor Logan Kushner, teen who drowned after taking synthetic marijuana

12:20 AM, Dec 29, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Teen who drowned after taking drugs honored in tournament


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  • CLEARWATER, Florida - It's been less than a year since 19-year-old Logan Kushner slipped and fell in a shallow creek, drowning in less than 14 inches of water.

    An autopsy report eventually revealed the college freshman had synthetic marijuana in his system, a factor the medical examiner concluded contributed to his death.

    For his parents though, the focus has been on how Logan lived, not how he died. Logan's mother, P.A. Kushner, says drugs were not a normal part of her son's life

    She is speaking out for the first time since losing her son earlier this year. She's created a foundation in Logan's memory, raising money for college scholarships and a number of causes that were close to Logan's heart... but most of all, encouraging others to live their lives the way Logan did.

    More Info: The "I'm Logan It" Foundation website

    "To take the time to be available for somebody else, to get connected, to do something more than what you normally would," said P.A. of the traits that made her son so special. "Because that's what Logan did, he just did it naturally."

    Logan loved sports, especially football, and for that reason his family and friends are hosting an all day flag football tournament Saturday at the Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex in Clearwater.

    Part of the idea is to allow Logan's classmates to get together to remember their good friend. But another part is to encourage young people to be good to one in other, to smile, make others laugh, and to lend a shoulder to those feeling down, all characteristics Logan's mom says made her son so special.

    The "I'm Logan It" tournament runs from 8:30 to 5:00 Saturday, rain or shine. The family says everyone, whether you knew Logan or not, is invited to attend.

    Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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