Former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio pushes election reforms in Florida

5:52 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio says this week's election problems signal a need for election reform.

"What I see is the state going backwards," Iorio told 10 News on Friday.

Iorio wants to see a state-wide task form take up the issue of election reforms that the Legislature could act on in the near future.

But the former Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections says two changes should be obvious.

First, she says early voting needs to be extended to two full weeks.

"Anyone in the private sector listening to this must just be scratching their head, here's a product, here's a service that customers are crazy about and so the response is, let's reduce it."

Iorio says the Legislature must also limit the number of constitutional amendments it puts on the ballot to two, while also capping the amendments at 75 words.

"These two issues that I've pointed out are obvious to all and should be obvious to anyone of any party."

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