Pair arrested for running meth lab in Palm Harbor

4:45 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
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Palm Harbor, Florida -- When reporters asked Shiloh Sladen if he had been involved with a meth lab, he shouted obscenities at them, and later spit water at them before being loaded into a van.

He and his live-in girlfriend, Pamela Therrien, were arrested on Monday, charged with manufacturing and trafficking in methamphetamine out of a Palm Harbor home.

Detectives say it all started on April 9 when deputies responded to a domestic violence call at a home in the 2600 block of Peterborough Court. Deputies said Sladen had been throwing chemicals at Therrien, and was physically violent towards her. While at the scene, deputies discovered chemicals at the home and suspected they were part of a meth lab operation.

In April, Sladen was arrested and charged with domestic violence by strangulation.

A sample of the chemicals were taken for testing and came back positive for methamphetamine.

Just after noon on Monday, deputies responded to the Palm Harbor home with probable cause to arrest Sladen and Therrian. When they arrived, they asked Sladen if there was another lab at the home and he reportedly admitted that there was one in a back room.

During a search, deputies evacuated the two homes on either side and the one across the street as a precaution.

Over the last several months, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says they received calls from neighbors who were concerned about what might be going on inside the home. Once test results came back that showed signs of meth, there was probable cause to take them into custody.

Sladen, 36, and Therrien, 42, were arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine and trafficking in methamphetamine in connection with the April incident.

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