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Steven Taylor is accused of luring a boy into a shed and sexually battering him

4:43 PM, Oct 17, 2012   |    comments
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  • Google Maps image of the shed located behind home where the attack took place.


Tampa, Florida - Tampa police arrested a man fresh out of jail for sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

"Lock him up forever, get him off the streets," Mike Richardson, a father of three, says about Steven James Taylor.

Taylor, 47, has been charged with the sexual battery and kidnapping of a 14-year-old boy.

Tampa police say the teen was walking home along Nebraska Avenue and 28th Avenue around 8 o'clock Tuesday night when Taylor struck a conversation with him.

Janelle McGregor, spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department says, "Taylor said he had something to show him and the teen followed his lead."

Police say the teen followed Taylor into an alley and to a shed behind an abandoned home.  It appears Taylor may have been living in the shed; inside there's a plank with blankets, and outside we found empty condom packages, women's and men's underwear and several beer cans.

McGregor says, "The suspect forced him inside, pinned him down and sexually battered him. There's a brief struggle, the teen breaks free and runs away from the shed. He then flags down a police officer patrolling the area."

Paula Quesada lives next door to that shed. She says she was throwing her grandson a birthday party at the time and says she never heard any calls for help, but did see several police cars in the alley.

Quesada says after this incident she's ready to move out. "He's a lowlife. How can he attack an innocent, defenseless boy?"

Richardson is proud of the young man. "He's a hero for him to fight back. He could have laid down, but he fought back. We could have found a body back there."

Residents say that alley where the shed is located is known for a lot of drug activity.

Taylor is being held at the Orient Road Jail, a familiar place to him. In June, Taylor was released from prison after serving three years for burglary.

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