Nurse assistant, Roniequea Sallie, steals patient's card, spends over $1000

4:24 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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Brooksville, FL-- Hernando County deputies have arrested a certified nursing assistant (CNA) after she reportedly stole a patient's debit card from her home, and used it to purchase over $1,000 worth of items.

Between June 21 and August 10, 2012, 21-year-old Roniequea Sallie worked as a CNA for a company called Grannie Nannies. During that time, reports say Sallie stole a debit card from her assigned patient's home in Brooksville. 

Despite that fact that the victim reported the card stolen and even cancelled it, Sallie could not be stopped from gaining access to her patient's funds.

According to reports, Sallie contacted the bank after the card was cancelled and had a new debit card issued to the victim.  She then stole the newly issued card and used it to make fraudulent transactions.

The victim provided a bank statement that highlights Sallie's fraudulent purchases. 

According to the statement, Sallie spent just over $57 at Domino's Pizza between August 20 and September 4, but she was just getting started.

On the 10th, a $5 fee went on the card for the new card application fee, and then larger purchases started appearing.

Between September 14 and 15, the statement shows that Sallie made two withdrawals of over $400 from a Publix ATM, and spent over $120 at Wal Mart, $60 at a local nail salon, nearly $30 at a gas station, and more. 

Sallie even charged $2 to the card for a balance inquiry. 

Detectives were able to access surveillance footage of Sallie at various store locations, where her charges totaled over $1000. 

The footage enabled the victim to identify Sallie as her former caretaker from Grannies Nannies, and officials reportedly arrested her on October 10- after which she confessed to the fraudulent debit card transactions.

They charged her with Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Grand Theft, Identity Theft, and set her bond at $6,000.

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