10 News viewers share their opinions about Mitt Romney's comments that 47% of all Americans are victims, entitled

11:57 AM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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Mitt Romney was caught on videotape criticizing Obama voters.
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St. Petersburg, Florida - Some opinions of Mitt Romney are shifting after comments he made at a private fundraiser went public. He said nearly half of all Americans believe they're victims and are entitled to a range of government support.

Will these videos change your mind on Election Day? That's the question we asked you on our 10 News Facebook page. More than 70 people have left comments.

Jodie Pillarella says, "Unfortunate but true. I do not receive any assistance myself, but more than 47% of the people I know DO feel entitled. Many of them manipulate the system to make it work for them."

Charles Demmons says, "Romney is a rich billionaire banker who only cares about how much money he can rip off from the American people, there is no way this guy should be president."

Dr. Mark Hanshaw says, "It's time for individuals to wake up, take control of their own destiny and not depend on the government for their livelihood. I can understand critics of Romney...they don't like the truth."

Carol Renteria says," His utter disregard for people below his income level is sickening, and so are the people who paid $50k a plate to hear him speak at the dinner where he "came clean" about what he'd do IF he was President."

Political Analyst Frank Alcock says his statement is a huge problem and Romney should stop talking about it.

"I think the best thing for him to do is shut up for a little while and start talking about something different. The intensity of the reaction will die down a little bit and the democrats and the Obama campaign are going to bring this back up and use it against him.  He'll have an opportunity in three debates to reframe his view for the country and try to walk back those comments or at least walk around them."

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