Family remembers Jerridedan Lakisha Bolds Froyer, Tampa teen pushed off bridge

5:56 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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Jerridedan Lakisha Bolds Froyer, known to her friends as Kiki



Tampa, Florida - Pictures and awards his granddaughter won still decorate the walls in the home of Johnell Bolds.

Memories of the girl he raised stay with Bolds.

His granddaughter, 17-year-old Jerridean Froyer, was killed Sunday after investigators say she was pushed off a bridge into the Peace River.

"It's very hard for us," Bolds said, "it's painful."

DeSoto County detectives say the teen, known to friends and family as Kiki, went with a group she met in Ybor City Saturday night to Arcadia on Sunday.

Deputies say she told the two men she was with on a bridge that she couldn't swim, but they pushed her anyway.

The two men left without getting Froyer out of the water.

Her body was recovered Tuesday and identified on Wednesday.

Both men have been arrested.

"They didn't take her word. Whether they were playing or whether they were serious, that wasn't a good thing to do," Bolds said.

Bolds is an associate pastor at Temple of the Apostles church in Tampa.

Members still remember Froyer coming there as a young girl, even helping out as a secretary when needed.

"She was a sweet girl," said Maras Williams.

But even her grandfather, who raised three granddaughters on his own, concedes Froyer had changed.

DeSoto deputies say she's been arrested four times, including on prostitution charges.

Tampa police also tell 10 News she has runaway five times in the past year.

Bolds says she became friends with the wrong group and started living on the streets.

"People that didn't care," he explained.

That's why they never even reported her missing.

In fact the family says they heard about the Peace River incident last weekend, but never realized Froyer could be the girl who drowned.

"Broke my heart to hear this," Bolds said.

Her family says funeral services haven't been scheduled, but they're expected to be held at the church next week.

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