Bryan Slackta stabbed his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend Sean Stein during a fight, police say

2:59 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- A man's apparent jealously over his ex-girlfriend's new relationship turned violent after police say he stabbed her new boyfriend during a fight.

Bryan Slackta was found by responding officers leaving the area of the fight at 9th Avenue North and 25th Street around 6:50 Thursday morning. St. Pete Police say Slackta had blood covering his right arm and a folding knife in his front pocket, the weapon believed to have been the one used in the stabbing of Sean Stein.

Slackta told officers when they found him he fought Stein but the stabbing was accidental.

An investigation revealed Slackta had sent Stein several threatening text messages just before the encounter. During the brawl, Stein was stabbed in the stomach and fell to the ground, at which point, Slackta continued to punch, kick and head butt Stein.

As Slackta left, he sent one final obscene text message to Stein bragging about what he had just done to him. Investigators say it appeared his actions were motivated by his jealously over Stein's relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Slackta, 32, has been charged with Attempted Murder. Stein, 26, was taken to Bayfront Medical Center where he underwent surgery and his condition is not considered life-threatening.

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