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Is Charlie Crist relaunching his political career as a Democrat?

5:49 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida - In January of 2011, Crist told CNN "I'm an Independent. I'm a very happy Independent."

But with Crist's August endorsement of President Obama and this week's speech at the Democratic National Convention, there's talk that this Republican-turned-Independent may be about to switch parties again.

"I think he should," says 10 News Political Analyst Seth McKee. "If he gives that high-profile speech at the Democratic National Convention and he switches parties during the speech, I don't think there's a better moment than that to do it."

Since his failed run for U.S. Senate, Crist has worked for the Morgan and Morgan law firm. But a recent commercial for the law firm says little about litigation and more about Crist's image.

"Today, I'd like to take a minute to thank unsung heroes, law enforcement officers, firefighters," Crist says in the ad.

If Crist is on the political comeback trail, are his sights once again on the Governor's office? Right now, some high-profile Florida Democrats aren't convinced Crist could win in 2014.

"I have my doubts if he can win the Democratic primary," former U.S. Representative Jim Davis told 10 News. "It really depends on what some of the potential candidates... decide to do."

However, a new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that Crist, running as a Democrat, would lead current Governor Rick Scott by a slim margin -- 45 to 42 percent. But the poll also shows a generic Democrat would do just as well.

Even so, to the Republican Party of Florida, Crist is no generic foe and the party's already launched an attack ad. The ad features file footage of Crist talking about how he is a conservative Republican.

A woman narrator then questions. "How conservative are you, Charlie?"

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