Free umbrellas available for Republican National Convention guests

8:48 PM, Aug 24, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- With Tropical Storm Isaac still looming, Republican National Convention organizers say they'll have 13,000 umbrellas for guests to use for free inside the secure perimeter around the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

"We're going to have those placed around the campus. We're going to have bins where people can easily grab one and drop them off when they're done," RNC Director of Operations Ryan Price says.

In addition to the umbrellas, organizers had several walk-ways set up to keep guests out of both the sun and rain. Although the walk-ways were planned well before Isaac appeared in the radar.

To make sure the walk-ways don't blow away, crews have anchored them every few feet with giant barrels filled with water.

Convention officials on Thursday also said volunteers working outside will also be given ponchos to stay dry should it rain.

On the north end of downtown, the people behind the protest camp Romneyville say they too are making contingency plans for Isaac.

John Alexander says they are expecting 500 people by Sunday night. He says if things do get bad they have a plan to evacuate.

"I know that we have options of buses and vans to move people out of here as soon as possible," Alexander says.  He called the threat of Isaac, "a very big issue".

The RNC begins on Monday and is expected to draw 50,000 people to the area.

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