After 10 News stories, bats removed from Lincoln Shores apartment complex

7:08 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Bats flying to and from their colony within Lincoln Shores
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- The battle of the bats appears to be over at one St. Petersburg apartment complex.

Photo Gallery: Bats invade apartment complex

For more than a year, tenants at the Lincoln Shores Apartments off 4th Street North say they've complained to management about hundreds of bats living in the walls of at least one building.

"It's pretty disgusting," said resident Nate Borden.

After 10 News aired a series of stories about the problem in May, property managers promised to take care of the bats as soon as their protected mating season ended.

That period ended Wednesday and true to their word, a wildlife removal specialist arrived in the afternoon.

"They really should be out here handling business," Borden said.

But he and other tenants say it should have happened months ago when the first complaints came in. The bats forced at least one tenant to move out.

On Wednesday the windows were open and the fan was turned on his vacant unit as the apartment complex is still trying to air out the smell of bat feces.

Borden says he's excited to finally walk around outside with his newborn baby without fear.

"I'd really hate for my daughter to get bit," he explained.

Specialists told 10 News Wednesday it could take several days to a week to remove the bat colony.

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