What you Need to Know: Primary Election Day tomorrow

5:21 PM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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Riverview, Florida -- Poll workers across the state are getting precincts ready for voters on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday is Primary Election day and if the early voting turnout in Hillsborough County is any indication, Earl Lennard, county Supervisor of Elections is expecting a busy day tomorrow.

"More people have voted in the 2012 Primary than they did in 2008. Remember, 2008 was a presidential year as well," said Lennard. He tells 10 News about 50% of the registered voters voted early or by mail.

At the precinct located at the Lake Fantasia Community Center, poll workers assembled the voter privacy booths and optical scan machine to read the ballots.

They, along with about 3,500 poll workers across the county, will open the precinct right at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Voters should keep in mind that there is potential they are among the thousands of voters in Hillsborough County who will be voting in a different precinct than they are used to due to a required redistricting.

Your precinct is listed on your voter information card.

"Everyone should have received a new voter information card," said Lennard.

If you have not received you voter information card, you can click here to find your precinct.

Florida is a closed Primary state, which means voters registered with a party can only vote for their party's candidates. However, Lennard is stressing that there are races EVERYONE can participate in, including county court judge, circuit judge and school board.

"The Primary election is extremely important, because that's where we choose a lot of our local candidates and they have a very important say in our day to day lives," reminded Lennard. "Our leaders are not chosen by the majority, but by the majority of those who participate." 

Do not forget your photo-signature ID like your drivers license, passport, military ID, state ID or student ID.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. If you are still in line at 7 p.m., you'll still be able to cast your ballot, just don't think about getting in line after the clock strikes 7.

You can also pick up and/or drop off a ballot at any of the four Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections offices. Just be sure to drop it off by 7 p.m.

Office locations:

Fred B. Karl County Center
Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center, Tampa 
Phone: (813) 272-5850

601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 16th Floor
2514 N. Falkenburg Road, Tampa 
Phone: (813) 744-5900

Northwest Regional Office
12022 Anderson Road, Tampa 
Phone: (813) 744-5900

South Regional Office
10439 Gibsonton Drive, Riverview
(813) 744-5900  

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, click here. The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office is recruiting poll workers for the General Election.

Lennard says they'll need about 4,000 workers. Poll workers are paid about $140 for a days work.

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