Woman set on fire has support from family, Facebook

9:15 PM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- A father is speaking out about the horror of finding his daughter nearly burned to death.

Police say Megan Kimbrough's husband poured a chemical on her Friday night at their home in Lakeland, then set her on fire.

In the days since, a Facebook group called "Pray for Megan" has been created to support her. Her family also hopes to start a fund for her.

"She's fighting through this. She's a strong girl," says her father, Ted Lawhorn. "Megan's strong. She's always had a good spirit. When she'd get around Josh, the worst would come out."

Her husband, Josh Kimbrough, has been accused of going on a crime spree Friday night that Lakeland police say started with burning his wife as she sat inside their home.

She's improving, Lawhorn says, but she's still in critical condition after four and a half hours of skin graft surgery on Tuesday. She's expected to undergo more surgery  Friday with the help of tissue from donors.

"I knew the call would come. I didn't think it would be anything like this," Lawhorn says.

Lawhorn lives in Indiana, where both his daughter and Josh Kimbrough are from, and says he tried to help her get back on her feet as the couple married, and eventually had a son together. She talked of leaving her husband several times.

"When she was away from him, she'd either have a job or start thinking about looking," says Lawhorn. "It just seemed like he'd bring her down each time."

Burns covered 80 percent of her body. She's in a drug-induced coma, but her organs and vital signs are strong. Her father hopes speaking out will help people remember Megan, and their own loved ones.

"Hang in there for your kids. If you see the abuse going on, step up a little more, even if they're adults," Lawhorn says.

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