Hernando County sex trap ends in arrests

11:11 PM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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HERNANDO CO., Florida -- 26-year-old Rebecca Rodriguez was the brainchild behind a sex trap that backfired, cops say, and it was a wild one.

It started when she exchanged sexual texts with a man and met him at the Hess gas station on State Road 50. The man agreed to follow Rodriguez  to a rural home where she lived. According to cops, the two started to have sex, and that's when the man turned into a victim.

"She had pre-planned to have her three cousins inside the house when they arrived. And when they started having intercourse, she uttered a code word or phrase which was 'Ooh, that's feels good.' When she said that, the three cousins were supposed to bust in and beat him up, which they did," said Hernando County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Denise Moloney.

Vincente Lopez is Rodriguez's grandfather. He didn't know why she was arrested until 10 News informed him.

"I always tried to teach my grandchildren to do right, but when they did things wrong, I even ran my granddaughter off," said Lopez.

After being robbed and beaten, the victim was blindfolded and dropped off in a desolate, wooded area off Goldsmith Street in Brooksville.

The victim walked until he found help, called police, and told them the crazy story. Within hours, Rodriguez and her cousins, BJ Lopez and Joshua Rodriguez, were arrested. The fourth suspect, Jeremiah Rodriguez, is still on the loose.

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