Moviegoers not deterred by Colorado movie theater shooting at "The Dark Knight Rises" showing

2:43 PM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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Moviegoers wait in line at Channelside Cinemas the morning after the Colorado shooting.



Tampa, Florida -- News of the deadly shooting rampage in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater spread rapidly over social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

It's how many people learned of the tragedy for the first time.

While the shooting may be 'one of the worst' mass shootings in U.S. history, most people are not letting the rare event impact the way they live their lives.

Even if it means a planned trip to their local movie theater to see "The Dark Knight Rises".

"I wonder why someone goes and does this," said Daniel Bowles. "Especially at events that are supposed to be an enjoyable experience."

A trip to the local movie theater is among the great American past times, especially during the doldrums of summer.

But, as the stories continue to pour out of Colorado, recounting the terrifying moments as a gunman opened fire in a theater 15 minutes into the premier of "The Dark Knight Rises", it's hard not to think about the tragedy the people there are grasping with.

"I feel bad for the people, my heart goes out to their families," said Kelly, who lined up to buy her tickets for the 10 a.m. showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at Channelside Cinemas.

"I was shocked that you can't even go to the movie theaters anymore and not have to worry about your safety that was a concern, but crazy things happen all around the world..we still have to live our lives...what can you do," said Jordan Gary, who was also buying his tickets. 

"You have no insight into something like that happening," said Nate Phillips, "It's a horrible tragedy and obviously nobody saw it coming. I mean, I've never heard about it before."

While moviegoers at Channelside Cinemas are not letting fear take over, the shooting is a grim reminder that anything can happen, no matter where you are and being vigilant is the best thing you can do.

"Obviously anytime you are out, you want to be looking around making sure you know your surroundings," said Phillips. 

"Things happen everyday," Bowles told 10 News. "I can just as easily get into a car accident on my way over here...same thing with 9-11. I'm not going to let it change my plans."  

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