Matthew Lewandowski blew off his thumb and sustained other injuries after firework blows up in his hand

11:52 AM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- A man is undergoing surgery Wednesday to reconstruct his hand after his thumb was blown off during a firework accident early Wednesday morning.

Tampa Police say 24-year-old Matthew Lewandowski, of Riverview, loaded a firework mortar into a fiberglass tube and lit the fuse. Instead of the firework mortar lifting off and exploding in the sky as he intended, it exploded in his hands.

Lewandowski's thumb on his left hand was blown off in addition to other traumatic injuries to his hand. He also suffered severe burns on his forearms, stomach and right leg.

He was taken to Tampa General where he is currently undergoing surgery. The incident occurred at a home in the 4500 block of Fairview Heights W.

Authorities urge people to use caution while using fireworks today and through the weekend.

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