Tropical Storm Debby floods homes, cars in St. Petersburg

6:47 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Tropical Storm Debby: local flooding and damage
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- A number of homeowners in the Shore Acres neighborhood spent Monday cleaning flood water out of their houses.

Song Tran used a broom to sweep out her dining room and a vacuum to grab all the water in her living room. She says she got about six inches of water in her home Sunday night.

Others tell 10 News they got about an inch inside their houses, forcing them to take electronics and other valuables into a drier room in hopes of salvaging them.

"It's all replaceable or you don't need it. It's not essential. The essential stuff you move and put somewhere else," says Elaine Lauer.

Several people spent Monday trying to dry out their cars after flood waters got inside.

"It's just a mess," says Jeff Campbell.

Some homeowners say they haven't seen conditions this bad in the neighborhood since Hurricane Frances in 2004.

Even then they didn't remember standing water as high, or for as long, as they are with this storm.

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