Tropical Storm Debby floods parts of Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard

4:20 AM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Parts of Tampa's Bayshore Boulevard flooded

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Tampa, Florida -- High winds are pushing the waves over the balustrade along Bayshore Boulevard, flooding most of the scenic roadway.

Most parts of the road are closed to drivers. Police ask people to avoid the area altogether until the water recedes.

Tampa Police say the road is experiencing the most flooding between Rome Avenue and Platt. The road is closed to traffic between Bay to Bay and Platt. Northbound lanes are blocked by police at Howard Avenue.

"I've seen it this way before. It was kind of like this in 2005, people get out here, try to drive through with their cars, it's not going to work," said Robert Faravee, who says he's lived in the area for about 60 years.

A Public Works employee says the water level in some areas reach as high as the middle of this truck door. He shook his head, talking about the drivers who tried to tempt the flood, stalling out in their vehicles instead.

"We've been here for five years, we've never seen something like this. We've heard of it, but we've never seen Bayshore flooded," said Ernest Sampera, who biked to Bayshore with his two kids to see the flooding.

At the Rome Avenue intersection, our 10 News crews spotted sewer manholes that were transformed into mini fountains as the water levels swelled.

The median with newly planted palm trees is covered in water, making way for a backdrop as people posed for pictures in front of the flood.

Police officers are not only tasked with blocking the road from looksie-loo drivers, but keeping people out of the water.

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