Palmetto man strips naked and bites his childrens' grandfather, drugs in his system

6:45 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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Palmetto, Florida- "My boy's been victimized he was bitten," says Linda Brooks as she rushes to her son's Palmetto home to check on him.

Brooks' son Jeffrey Blake, 48, arrives at his home and before he steps out of the car his mother asks him, "Where's your bite?"

Manatee County Sheriff Deputies say Jeffrey Blake's attacker is 26-year-old Charles Baker, the father of Blake's three young grandchildren who live in the home with their grandparents.

"He's always been up and down never seen him like this, never like this," says Blake. He describes his behavior as "wild!"

Baker faces a judge at the Manatee County Jail Thursday afternoon on aggravated battery charges. 

Deputies say he arrived at Blake's home late Wednesday night high on drugs to visit his kid's, ages 4- to 8-years-old.

"We took him to the hospital. He was on marijuana and had opiates in his system; opiates probably being some sort of painkiller," says Dave Bristow, spokesperson for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. He continued, "That doesn't really add up to such bizarre behavior though."

Blake remembers sitting on his front porch when he heard some loud noises from inside his home. "When I go into the house he's butt naked, trying to knock things down in the house. I charged him, grabbed him, held him down... told my wife to call police and get him out of my house," says Blake.

While Blake waited for deputies to arrive, he says Baker bit his left arm breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks behind and a bruised arm. 

At the time, Blake says he doesn't remember feeling the bite. Blake says, "I didn't know it. After the fight all I could think about was my family."

Deputies had trouble subduing Baker. The incident report states they tasered him multiple times, and each time they say he pulled out the rods.

"You taser someone and once is always enough, but this person would not comply," explains Bristow.

Blake remembers hearing the officers struggling with Baker. "All I heard was, 'hit him again with the taser'," says Blake.

During his first appearance before a Manatee County judge Baker made this plea, "I don't got nothing. My daddy just committed suicide that was only person I had. Everyone else turn back on me I just went there to see my kids," says Baker.

Deputies say in March, Baker's dad, Charles Baker Sr., 49, murdered a Rubonia man, then drove to the Skyway Memorial Cemetery and shot and killed himself. 

The younger Baker, according to deputies, has a long criminal history.

Blake says Baker stripped naked in front of his 6-year-old daughter. Blake says, "I said to him how can you do this in front of your kids?"

Family and friends say he's a good father but a troubled young man.

Baker's widower ShawnVenia Baker says about her stepson, "He's loved, and he's just going through something right now, but everything's going to be okay."

Blake adds, "He needs some help."

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