Sinkhole that swallowed Hudson house is drawing the curious

5:53 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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Hudson, Florida -- As workers repair a neighborhood privacy wall, people are flocking to see the crumbling walls of one house within.

"When we drove by, I was like, oh my God-there it is," said Karen White, on her lunch break with a friend.

In Hudson, at the end of Shoal Drive, there is half a house and one, big, hole.

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"It's unbelievable, especially being from New York and not seeing anything like this," said John Mastorakis, who like others pulled off the roadway to take a look.

On Wednesday afternoon, a sinkhole began gobbling up Susan Minutillo's home. The back side of the house collapsed into a 20-foot void. And for people living nearby, the sight of it is downright frightening.

"I'm in shock," said Deborah Catalan. "I can't even believe I'm looking at this; a whole house caved right into the ground. Because you think about it all the time, especially where we live."

While the homeowner works with her insurance company and a geotechnical firm, workers from Pasco County Emergency Management continue to keep tabs on the property. On Thursday they said the area appears to be stabilizing, but right now, no one knows for sure.

And while the sinkhole continues to draw the curious, there's also concern for the homeowner, a senior citizen, who has now lost so much. 

"Thank God the woman wasn't home," said Mastorakis, "Because that would have been a scary thing."

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