Operation Cyber Child: NASA engineer, Disney security guard among those busted in sex sting

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Video: NASA engineer, Disney security guard busted in sex sting


Winter Haven, Florida - They were dads and businessmen, men with money and nice cars.  One of them was a security guard at Disney.  Another was active military and wanted to "buy" a 14-year-old little girl, according to his arrest report.

It is the largest sex predator bust in Polk County history, a place where Sheriff Grady Judd has been busting pedophiles with legendary undercover stings for the past seven years.

Detectives worked for a week in an undercover upscale home in Haines City, chatting with predators online. The men thought they were talking with children.  Little did they know, investigators were on the other end of the chat, waiting to make an arrest.

Mug Shot Gallery: Polk sex sting nabs 38

"You see people. I see monsters; sexual monsters that want to attack children.  They're very dangerous," said the Sheriff.

They brought candy and condoms, booze and bondage, men who were looking for little girls and boys over the internet.  

One guy was found with Peach Schnapps, another with Vodka.  Detectives also recovered a duffle bag full of bondage equipment, including handcuffs and dildos.

Some were looking for little girls as young as 11 years old.

One of them weighed 500 pounds and couldn't even leave his house.  Randy May chatted with detectives and said he wanted "nude photos."

The sheriff talked about Randy May and the arrest.  "He was a little overweight and unable to travel, so we went to his house to pick him up, after he said he wanted to have sex with a 14-year-old virgin."

These are successful guys, driving everything from Jaguars to Infinities.  They range in age from 19 to 51-years-old.

One of them was a NASA engineer.  Another was a security guard at Disney.   Then there was a fifth-grade teacher who coaches youth soccer on the side.  There was also a sex offender from Hernando County.

Another man who was busted is active military and put a down payment of $500 on a 14-year-old girl, the sheriff says. Warren White wanted to purchase the teen, detectives say, for the full price of $1,500.

The sheriff admitted, "We think we've seen it all until the next one walks through the door. And then we see something that seems a little more bizarre than the last time."

The operation lasted a week and  38 men were arrested.

The men scoured social media sites, the sheriff says, looking for little girls and boys.  A few men told undercover detectives that they wanted to "educate the girls about sex" and wanted to "teach them."  

These predators got the shock of their lives when they showed up to a house in Haines City where deputies were waiting.

Sheriff Judd told the media, "We see really weird people and that's what they are.  This is beyond ugly."

In this ninth sting operation, the men traveled from as far away as Chicago, California and Georgia.  Only five men busted in the sting were actually from Polk County. 

The initiative is part of a statewide effort where 14 agencies, including the Attorney General's office and FDLE, partner with the Polk County Sheriff's Office to bust these men online.

Some conversations with undercover detectives are so graphic, they can't be repeated. 

The sheriff left the men with a warning.  "So, the message that needs to go forth today from the men and women of the sheriff's office is that if we didn't get you in this arrest, or the last arrest, and you still do this, we'll get you in the next arrest."

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