Nike Galaxy shoes will not be released in Tampa as of now

1:12 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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Nike Galaxy




Tampa, Florida --  It was round two of disappointment at University Mall as shoppers left empty handed after waiting in line for hours with hopes of getting their hands on Nike's Galaxy Foamposite Ones.

It appeared mall security was allowing people to line up before the mall opened today, but shoppers tell us a decision was made to not release the shoes.

Once again, they are left empty handed.

The stores did sell the other new shoe releases today though.

Shoppers tried and failed Thursday night to get a hold of the Nike Galaxy shoes, after the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says mall security called off the midnight release due to concerns about the crowd and safety.

HCSO estimates there were 800 to 1,000 people lined up outside the mall Thursday night.

"I'm from Georgia.  I came up here to buy shoes because it was the nearest area," Maurice Windom told 10 News.

"It's really crazy," said Jilly Cruz, "People get mad.  You can't even walk up, because people think you're going to skip them."

Everyone left empty handed and disappointed.

"That's messed up stuff, man!" one man is heard screaming.

"It ended up getting canceled because people tried to bum rush the door," said Kingsley Boateng.

HCSO says a teenager was briefly detained, but he was eventually released to his mother.

Shoppers complained about the lack of organization, "It's like seven lines and you have at least 90 people in each line."

The glow-in-the dark shoes may go for a reported $220 at the store, but can fetch far more online, with one pair going for $1,500 Friday morning on eBay.

So what's the big deal?

Nike is reportedly only making a limited number of the shoes, so they've essentially become a high demand collectors item. In Orlando, Orange County Sheriff's deputies in riot gear had to hold back "out of control crowds."

The shoe release was called off there was well... again, leaving shoppers empty handed and disappointed.

Some waited outside mall property early Friday morning, in hopes they'll land a chance at buying a pair... for a profit of course.

"Pre-sale is $2,500," one shopper told 10 News.

A group of college students from Tallahassee told 10 News that there's no way they'll sell the shoes.  They didn't drive all this way to not wear the Galaxy Foamposites, if they can get them.

The crowd was calm and orderly Friday morning.  We've even seen them thanking mall security and shaking hands. 

Stores do not open until 10:30 a.m, but the shoppers are hopeful the release will happen this morning.

Unfortunately, it appears that will not happen.

Dozens of shoppers were seen being turned away from the line after they say they were told Nike will not be selling the shoes at the mall today.

Nike says the Galaxy Foamposite was designed as 'nod' to the the space program in Florida.

Its release is in line with the NBA All Star game in Orlando.

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