What do chefs feed their kids?

6:44 PM, Dec 1, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Chef BT Nguyen is known for her Tampa restaurant, but what does she cook at home for her children?

On this day an omelet is on the menu with fresh ingredients. "We have golden chanterelle; I like a lot of herbs," says Nguyen while chopping cilantro.

Trina Nguyen, 16, says her mom is a stickler when it comes to healthy food.

"My mom told me never to eat anything that you can't pronounce the ingredients-like things in boxes and packages," says Trina.

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Nguyen has several recipes featured in a new cookbook entitled  What Chefs Feed Their Kids. Author Fanae Aaron says the book was inspired by her son Cody and her own questions on how to cook for him.

"The recipes, some of them are very easy. I wanted recipes that chefs make at home for their kids, that their kids enjoy," says Aaron, who works in the film industry in California.

Aaron wanted chefs from every region of the country, so she literally took out a map and started making calls. Besides Nguyen in Tampa, the Tampa Bay area is represented by Zack Gross, the chef at Z Grille in St. Petersburg.

"I spend a lot of time with my daughter. I spend three to four nights a week at home with her... we cook together all the time, so for me, it's a good way for her to experience what I do for a living," says Gross.

Kids are not going to like everything, but these two local chefs/parents say it's important to have them try a variety of foods.

"Please try, it works. They discover they like more stuff than they don't," says BT.

And as for that omelet? Well, the kid review is positive. "It's good," Trina says with a laugh.

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