See the Blindspots: Graphic video on FDOT website called ''horrific''

4:31 PM, Nov 18, 2011   |    comments
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This image from a videoclip shows a pedestrian in the instant before getting struck by a vehicle. The graphic video on a state website goes too far, according to a state senator.




Tallahassee, Florida - A graphic video on a state of Florida website has captured the attention of a state senator and he does not like what he sees.

The traffic safety video shows real examples of pedestrians getting hit by vehicles. Sen. Mike Fasano calls the video clips horrific and he thinks they should be removed from the website.

The video on the Florida Department of Transportation website starts with a warning: "May be unsuitable for small children."

Watch the video from their website

Then viewers see a series of very graphic crashes: a car slams into a person in the crosswalk and tosses the victim across the entire intersection, a pedestrian suddenly emerges from in front of a truck and gets hit head on by a car, another person gets clipped by a vehicle and is vaulted into the air before crashing down onto the windshield and then the pavement.

In another scene, a police officer walks toward a body bag on the side of the road. The bag holds somebody's loved one, but in this video, it's just an image in an online ad.

Photo Gallery: Online video shows pedestrians hit by cars

Sen. Fasano thinks the images are over the top.

"They were truly graphic and something that shouldn't be on a state website.  I have great concerns as well with children having access to that website and going and watching those horrific and very sad videos."

The video is part of a traffic safety campaign, called See the Blind Spots. It aims to reduce pedestrian and bicycle fatalities in Florida and especially in the Tampa Bay area, which is one of the most dangerous metro areas in the nation for walkers.

The scenes were taken from the Internet. State officials say they wanted to use images that would get people's attention.

Rep. Irv Slosberg supports the web video. "We need something graphic on the air."

Rep. Slosberg has worked tirelessly on road safety issues during his time in the Legislature. His focus comes from personal tragedy: his teenage daughter Dori was killed in a car crash.

Slosberg says a powerful message is needed to make an impact.

"We're going backwards instead of forwards. A lot of it has to do with driver distraction: cell phones, texting and driving."

But Sen. Fasano says families of these victims should not have to relive their personal tragedies through this video.

"I would encourage the department to relook at their policy and maybe, just maybe, although they're doing a good cause and trying to get information and educate the public to do away with those graphic videos. It's not necessary."

It's a debate that will only grow in scope as 21st Century technology puts cameras everywhere, silently recording life and death.

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