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Joe Paterno fired, Penn State President Graham Spanier also out

9:59 AM, Nov 10, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Paterno, Spanier fired

  • Graham Spanier, left, talks with Joe Paterno
  • Penn State students gathered at the school's Old Main administrative building to protest the firing of Joe Paterno. Students could be heard chanting, "Joe Pa-ter-no".

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- As students gathered at the Old Main administrative building on Penn State campus, the Penn State Board of Trustees announced at a press conference Wednesday night that Graham Spanier, after 16 years as president of Penn State, along with Joe Paterno have been fired effective immediately.

Photos: Penn State Sex Scandal Makes Front Pages


Paterno announced Tuesday afternoon he had planned to retire at the end of his 46th season. The trustees said they called Paterno to tell him he was dismissed from the team.

When asked how they justified to Spanier and Paterno their firing they stated it was the board's collection judgement that because of the difficulties that have engulfed the university that it was neccesary for them to make a change in leadership to set a course for a new direction.

Paterno said he should have done more. Spanier has said he was not told the details of the attack.

Sandusky has denied the charges.

Rodney Erickson will serve as interim school president, and defensive coordinator Tom Bradley as interim coach.

Students could be heard chanting Paterno's name at the buildings steps.

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