Casey Anthony: The video you've never seen!

5:58 AM, Oct 1, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - It's the video that not even jurors were able to watch. The tape has been sealed.

Not until late Friday afternoon did Judge Belvin Perry release video of Casey Anthony behind bars.

The young Orlando mother sat behind bars for three years before she went to trial this past summer, where she was found not guilty of murder.

Her lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, fought to keep the video out of the courtroom.  He claimed it violated medical privacy rules.

The judge didn't agree.

Casey's lawyers didn't want the video shown during her trial. Her attorneys claimed it would influence the jury.

"I think Jose Baez fought so hard to keep this out because of what the jury may view this video as," said 10 News legal analyst Jon Douglas.

Douglas weighed in on the video, which was released late Friday afternoon.

Judge Perry made his ruling to unseal the tape saying that Casey's right to a fair trial was no longer at stake. Casey, painted by the prosecution as heartless and cold during her trial, is seen breaking down behind bars in December 2008. She doubles over, clutching her stomach, as she watches the news in jail that her daughter, Caylee, has been found in a wooded area near George and Cindy Anthony's home.

The question remains: Would this video have influenced the jury if it was released during the trial?

Analysts say that's anyone's guess.

One thing is for sure: Casey is seen on video showing some emotion when her daughter Caylee's remains were discovered.

Douglas told 10 News, "I don't know. Would it have changed the outcome of the case? I don't think so.  We weren't in the jury room listening to what was on point and what wasn't."

Jurors never saw this video of Casey Anthony breaking down in jail. They did, however, see her firsthand in the courtroom, which was for them, along with the facts of the case, enough to find her innocent.

She was found guilty on four counts of lying to investigators.  Casey is currently in Florida, in hiding, serving out the term of her probation.











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