Casey breaks down, potential juror wrecks his chances

7:45 PM, May 11, 2011   |    comments
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Clearwater, Florida - From potential juror to instant celebrity, 35-year-old Jonathan Green made big headlines on Day Three of jury selection in the Casey Anthony murder trial. 

Green works in the bakery at a Publix in St. Pete. 

He says he wanted to get out of jury duty and did not want to give up months on end to serve on the Casey Anthony jury in Orlando.

The trial could last more than two months.  

Green violated a direct order from Judge Belvin Perry by talking to a reporter during lunchtime on Wednesday.

When the judge found out, that's when the fireworks began.

"What was it that you did not understand about what I said that you should not discuss this matter with anyone," Judge Perry asked Green.

Green answered, "I guess I didn't listen.  I didn't listen. I just wanted to get out of jury duty."

While Green openly laughed off the fine, the judge wasn't kidding around.

"I will judge you and find you in contempt of court for failing to comply with this court's order.  I will not imprison you this time.  But, I will order for you to pay a fine payable to the court of Pinellas county for $450," said Judge Perry.

Green was told to pay $50 a month until the fine was settled.  Meanwhile, other potential jurors were questioned.

"Will it impose a hardship on you ma'am if you were selected to serve on this case?  Would you explain the nature this hardship," said the judge.

At this point, 61 potential jurors are cleared to continue on through questioning for the rest of the week.

Casey Anthony suffered a mental collapse late in the afternoon and had to be escorted out of the courtroom by two bailiffs.  She was brought back into the courtroom a short time later.

Anthony was said to be in pain when she broke down at the defense table.

It seemed that the stress of the day was wearing on Anthony.  She appeared frazzled and disheveled.  Her hair was hanging in her eyes, and the stress showed on her face.

Once again, she began crying when the judge was reading the details of the indictment.  Yesterday, the judge told potential jurors to ignore Anthony's emotions.

There were 40 additional potential jurors brought in late in the day for questioning. 

The judge will reconvene in the morning at 8:30am.

Casey Anthony is accused of killing her two-year-old little girl, Caylee, in the summer of 2008.

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