Some Drivers Who Want to Save Money at the Gas Pump are Buying Scooters

1:39 PM, May 2, 2011   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - It seems some drivers in the area are looking at a different way to get around: scooters. The owner of a store in St. Petersburg says he's seen and increase when gas prices started climbing.

Bill Lynch, who owns Action Wheel Sports, says he's seen about a 30% spike in sales and it's mainly because of gas prices.

On average, it costs about $5 to fill up the gas tank on a scooter, and that will take you about 130 miles.

"In some cases, people are switching over entirely. But more often than not they're using the scooter as a secondary form of transportation. But in every case, the more they run it versus running their car, the more money they're saving," said Lynch.

Motorist Fred Cards says he's been using his bicycle a lot more to run short-distance errands, and he's seriously thinking about buying a scooter. It costs him about $100 to fill his truck now.

"I may do it, yeah. The way the price of gas is going up, the more serious I think about it," said Cardoso.

According to AAA, gas prices in the Tampa and St. Pete area have gone up about 30 cents for regular gas in the past month. Officials expect gas will hit the $4 mark by the summer.

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