TODAY: Tampa Mayor-Elect Bob Buckhorn meets with Mayor Pam Iorio

9:28 AM, Mar 23, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Tampa's mayor-elect Bob Buckhorn is ready to get to work and told supporters, "This is our turn. This is our destiny. Let us begin now!"

Wednesday morning, Buckhorn is set to meet with Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio to discuss city business.  He'll also planning his administration together before he's sworn in on April 1.

After months of campaigning, Buckhorn says he's just ready for some sleep.

With his wife and daughters by his side Tuesday night, Buckhorn thanked his supporters for believing in him and said, "I stand here now as your next mayor."

Photo Gallery: Bob Buckhorn wins election

Buckhorn ran for mayor unsuccessfully in 2003 and later lost a commission race.  Back then, he said he'd never run again.  But Tuesday night he said, "I think this victory is a lesson on never quitting, never giving up.  You gotta get back up, you just gotta get back up."

"We could sense the momentum," added Buckhorn when asked about feeling the tide turn in his favor.

Buckhorn beat Rose Ferlita by more than 10,000 votes -- 62.86% (26,691) to 37.14% (15,769).

Ferlita called Buckhorn and conceded shortly after 8:00 p.m.  Ferlita then addressed supporters, thanking them for their efforts.  

Ferlita announced this was her last run at political office adding she may now return to being a pharmacist but will likely take a vacation first.

Ferlita also told reporters she was disappointed Mayor Pam Iorio endorsed her rival.

Ferlita said Iorio told her she was going to stay out of the race.

"Am I disappointed? Absolutely. I'm just surprised with her integrity and with her commitment to which she believes in that she made changes," Ferlita said.

Despite the loss, Ferlita took to the dance floor after her concession speech Tuesday, dancing with several supporters while thanking them for their help during the campaign.

"It's not about the race you lost, but the friends you make," she said.

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Final numbers in City Council Races:

City Council District 1

Curtis Stokes       39.16%

Mike Suarez         60.84%

City Council District 3

Yvonne Yolie Capin    52.14%

Chris Hart                   47.86%

City Council District 4

Harry Cohen         60.75%

Julie Jenkins         39.25%

City Council District 7

Lisa Montelione      60.67%

"Charlie" Perkins    39.33%

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