Woman loses more than 150 lbs

12:33 PM, Sep 7, 2011   |    comments
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Melissa Spurrier has been on a lot of life-altering journeys for her 33 years. She was just 18 when her son was born, and during that pregnancy, she put on 70 pounds.

Melissa says she kept going up and up and didn't even care. Fast food and out-of-control portions contributed to Melissa's ballooning weight, which topped out at 285 pounds.

It wasn't until she became a born-again Christian that Melissa felt inspired to take care of herself again.

Senior vice president of Fitness for the Clubs is Mitch Batkin, who showed Melissa some ways to incorporate several strength training exercises into one. The free-weights tone biceps, while the squats target the largest muscles in the legs.

He says, while cardiovascular exercise is a must to burn calories, building muscle helps you do it better.

What doesn't work, says Batkin, is starving yourself with fad diets.

"Eat small healthy meals through the day, make cardio and weights part of your workout routine, and you'll be burning more calories than you're taking in."

Over several years, Melissa used that strategy to shed 150 pounds.