Chemo drug Eribulin offers patients some extra time

12:23 PM, Nov 11, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- There is a promising new drug for women with recurring breast cancer.

Eribulin is an FDA-approved chemotherapy with potential to help many women who thought their outlook was dire. Eribulin is a chemo agent that disrupts cell division to stop the cancer cells from multiplying targeting DNA to prevent new tumor cell growth.

With fewer side effects like nausea and vomiting, patients have rallied after a recurrence, and the infusion takes minutes instead of hours.

Doctors have been using it for the past year at Moffitt Cancer Center, and while it's not a cure, it does give some extra time to breast cancer patients who haven't had success with other therapies.

"Major benefit is yet it's another tool in an oncologist's toolbox, said Moffitt Oncologist Dr. Roohi Ismail-Khan. "It offers yet another option for patients that we have said I'm sorry, we don't have any more options for you.  This is wonderful because it's something they have not been exposed to, and I have seen patients who are refractory to other chemo therapies benefit from this so I think the (EMBRACE) trial speaks for itself.  The fact that most of these patients that were on this trial have already been on two or three lines of therapy, but yet it still worked, and that's very unusual and very optimistic for this population."

Dr. Ismail-Khan said Eribulin has bought breast cancer patients an extra two to four months who needed to survive for to have time to see important family events.

Libby Hendren, 10 News