Gynecologist faces male breast cancer

4:13 PM, Nov 10, 2012   |    comments
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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- While women are most associated with breast cancer, men can also have the disease. In fact, a gynecologist saw one of the symptoms in the mirror.

"Saw my right nipple was inverted. To a gyno, I knew nipple inversion was breast cancer. I knew right away what it was. In that instance, I switched from surgeon and gynecologist to patient," Fort Worth-area Dr. Alan Johns said.

Like many of his patients, Johns went into denial, taking three months to get it checked out. A biopsy revealed ductal cell carcinoma, the most common form in men, and highly curable if caught early.

He's published a book called "The Lump" to share his story with other men. He encourages anyone who faces a diagnosis to talk about the disease. Click here for link to the book on Amazon.

"I would encourage you to call any one of us. There are hundreds of us around the country who've gone public. Let us talk to you and help you through it," Johns said.

For symptoms of male breast cancer, click here for a link to the Mayo Clinic.

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