Birth control increases breast cancer risk

5:35 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, FL -- As you get ready to take your morning vitamin or maybe a birth control pill, you maybe wondering will your oral contraceptive increase your risk for breast cancer.
Doctors say conflicting studies make that a tough one to know for sure.
"Some studies have shown a small but noticeable increase in breast cancer risk for women on oral contraceptives. Other studies have shown no impact on risk. It's something we go back and forth on." Dr. Michael Naughton of Siteman Cancer Center said.  "We don't know for sure but the suspicion is that the lower doses are going to be safer cause we are exposing women to less estrogen.
However, one thing most doctors agree on: women who start taking the pill in their teens, or who take them for more than 10 years likely face an increased risk.
"It does look like when women stop taking oral contraceptive pills, 10 years later the risk goes back to baseline," Naughton said.

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