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Florida woman invents shower jacket for mastectomy patients

3:38 PM, Aug 11, 2012   |    comments
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COCOA BEACH, Florida -- A Florida breast cancer survivor knows from experience how hard it can be to take a shower after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

Following a mastectomy, breast cancer patients can't get their surgery sites wet, and it's a challenge to find a place to hold the drainage tubes.

A doctor told Lisa Crites not to shower for two or three weeks until her drains were removed. She didn't want to wait, but all she could find to protect herself was a trash bag. That's where she got the idea for the shower shirt. It's the only garment on the market made to wear post-surgery to keep drains dry while you wash up.

She's working to get it approved to be covered by insurance, and the $85 jacket can also be worn as rain gear after recovery.

Transplant and other surgery patients may find the shower shirt useful as well like:

 • Transplant patients (lung, kidney, heart)
 • Patients needing Dialysis Catheters 
 • Abdominal Hernia patients
 • Savi Catheter patients -- for radiation (mammosite procedures) 
 • Patients needing wound vacs
 • Lung surgery patients
 • Infusion Pump patients
 • Patients having lumpectomy's with sentinel-node dissection
 • Patients needing external Catheters
(Groshong & Hickman) 
 • Central Lines
 • Pacemaker patients
 • Cardio-thoracic patients
 • Colostomy patients

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