Frequent Cuban hunger striker arrives in Miami

8:40 AM, May 12, 2013   |    comments
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MIAMI (AP) - A frequent Cuban hunger striker is scheduled to be in Miami ahead of Cuban Independence Day.

Guillermo Farinas is expected to arrive Sunday.

Farinas, a Cuban government opponent, has said he was told in the past that if he wanted to be granted permission to leave the country, he would forfeit his right of return. But in Jan. he was told he would be able to leave and return after a new law took effect ending the island's much-hated exit visa requirement.

On Monday, the leader of a Cuban opposition group will also be in Miami for Cuban Independence Day. Berta Soler, co-founder of the Ladies in White, will be joined by Cuban-born singer Gloria Estefan.

Farinas and Soler have been awarded Europe's top human rights prize.

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