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Nation's healthiest communities emphasize exercise and healthy eating to prevent obesity

10:06 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Fl. - How healthy is the Bay area?  A new study released Wednesday shows we fall somewhere in the middle when compared to other counties here in Florida.

It's a study by the University of Wisconsin which ranks the healthiest counties in the United States.

The results of the University of Wisconsin study is based on several factors: rate of people dying before age 75, high school graduation rates, unemployment, adults who smoke, income, teen births and a few others.

It shows the nation's healthiest communities emphasize exercise and healthy eating to prevent obesity. The counties with the lowest rating tend to have higher amounts of people who smoke, are obese and do not exercise.

Here is how a few counties ranked in the Bay area:

Hillsborough County ranks #31, has 26% adults who are obese and access to 9 recreational facilities.

Pinellas County ranks #38, 24% of adults are obese and have access to 13 recreational facilities.

Pasco County ranks #45, 28% of adults are obese and there are 6 recreational facilities.

Polk county ranks #30, 33% of adults are obese and there are 5 recreational facilities.

Manatee county ranks #21, 26% of adults who are obese and 8 recreational facilities.

Click on this link to see how healthy Florida's counties are

The healthiest county in Florida is St. Johns and the lowest rated county is Union.

Researchers say the 2010 health care law will improve access to care and insurance but a change these health statistics will only happen if people change their eating and exercise habits.

You can see how the rest of the country did at the following link:

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