Florida university students lobby for more higher education cash

2:27 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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Tallahassee, Florida -- Florida's university students are making sure their voices are heard at the state Capitol as lawmakers start crafting a budget for next year.

Students from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville walked the halls of the Capitol Wednesday and visited lawmakers' offices.

Student Body President Carlo Fassi and UNF senior Michelle Staton handed out information about a statewide, student-led campaign called "Aim Higher" that urges the Legislature to boost funding for higher education.

Lawmakers cut university funding by $300 million last year so students want the Legislature to restore that cash, and also include an extra $118 million to prevent another tuition hike of 15 percent.

Fassi says students are hoping lawmakers will keep in-state tuition at $103 per credit hour.

"If Aim Higher is successful, if our legislators hear us, and they fund us appropriately, the $103.23 you pay in tuition will remain the $103.23 next year if you remain a student at the University of North Florida."

The campaign makes the argument that more funding for higher education is a good investment because it helps improve the workforce and economy.

Fassi says more than 1,100 UNF students have signed postcards in support of the Aim Higher campaign.

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