Rick Ross: Investigation continues in rapper shooting, Rolls Royce crash

9:38 AM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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Miami, Florida (CBSMiami) - While rapper Rick Ross isn't talking about a shooting Monday morning which led him to crash his Rolls Royce through a fence off E Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale, at least one of his fellow rappers may not be buying his story.

The shooting has created a buzz in the hip hop world and there is no doubt that shots were fired. At least two businesses -- the Floridian restaurant and a nail salon -- had bullet holes in their windows.

Hours before the shooting, Ross and his girl friend Shateria Morangne-el had just celebrated his birthday at Club LIV on Miami Beach. Around 5 a.m., they were on Las Olas when gun shots rang out.

"It was rapid fire, nine or 10 shots, rapid fire, rapid succession," said George Maznicki, "it was loud enough, not a hand gun, it was a rifle."

"I jumped out of bed and ran out and George was in the kitchen and I said did you hear that and he said 'Yeah, that sounded like a machine gun or something'," said Carol Touchstone.

In an effort to avoid the gunfire, Ross swerved the silver Rolls Royce to right on SE 15th Street, crashed through a fence and his car came to rest against an apartment building. Ross and Morangne-el were shaken, but otherwise unhurt.

Beth Balk, who lives in apartment that car ran into, heard it slam through the fence.

"Apparently someone was chasing them," said Balk. "It was like a giant kaboom. It rocked me off the bed and I went to the front door."

Ross has recently been the subject of gang threats, but has denied he canceled two shows in North Carolina because of them.

"In the life of hip hop you never know," said 99 JAMZ DJ Lorenzo "Ice Tea" Thomas. "There's violence every day, so you never know what happens. We'll just have to wait and see as the details develop."

Monday night fellow rapper 50 Cent had doubts about Ross' version of the story. He reportedly tweeted out that the whole thing looked staged.

"Hahaha fat boy hit the building? Lol it looks staged to me," tweeted 50 Cent.

Investigators have not commented on the speculation that the bullet holes in the businesses may have come from Ross who may have fired back.

Ross' long time attorney, Allan Zamren, had no comment on the incident.

"I have no comment on this situation. I have known Mr. Ross for years and he is a generous, kind, benevolent member off our community," told CBS4 in a phone conversation. 

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