Dying mother sends video for Christmas

10:06 AM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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Fort Myers, FL - In this 4-minute, Youtube video Jennifer Johnson doesn't say a word, but says so much. As she tells a story about the heart condition that would kill her just two months after she recorded this video. Choking back tears, the 30- year-old mother uses flash cards to describe her fear of leaving her two young kids behind calling them her heart beats. 

Robert Johnson proposed to Jennifer on Valentines Day when she was five months pregnant.  The next day a routine check-up revealed she had Hyperthropic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy where your heart hardens restricting blood flow. 

She describes the moment she learned of her condition saying I just had two beautiful children. Why me? Johnson found inspiration from this 18-year-old with the same heart condition.  He recorded this flash card story that went viral, he died last Christmas. 

Two months ago Johnson set up a camera and told her story

Her emotions raw as she talks about a series of bumps in the road including having a pacemaker installed and the need for open heart surgery. She ended the video smiling, optimistic she'd be as she put it, fixed.  That way she could love and care for her other heartbeats. 

Jennifer died a week ago. 

Johnson, now having to raise their two kids on his own, is finding strength from her and hoping her story can help others. 

"Heart Disease is serious. This could be a message to a lot of other people--get your heart checked out."  

Jennifer Johnson's family says they believed that she would survive her condition. 

They say she survived a shooting where she was hit in the back of the head a decade ago. 

WFTX via CNN Newssource

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