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Stray bullets hit two women on Fourth of July

8:53 AM, Jul 6, 2012   |    comments
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West Palm Beach, FL - In this 9-1-1 call, you can clearly hear the chaos in the moments after a woman is struck by a bullet in Coleman Park Wednesday night. 

West Palm Beach Police say a woman in her 40s was hit in the chest, likely from the gun of someone celebrating the Fourth of July. 

"Sometimes people get injured and killed, because the lead comes down with such velocity and if it hits a vital organ, it can kill an individual." 

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The victim was rushed to Saint Mary's Hospital. Firing a gun randomly into the air is a felony, but Deputy Davis admits it's a hard crime to prosecute. 

"With the celebration type, so many people recklessly firing their weapons, it's hard to tell where the bullet comes from." 

A 64-year-old woman was also hit in the chest. She was watching the fireworks on a boat  a mile offshore. Friends of her's told WPTV she was rushed into surgery and is now in critical condition in the I-C-U. Deputies say whoever fired the gun probably has no idea what pain they caused. 

"This is very very dangerous. Very dangerous. Use judgment and think about what you're doing." 

Celebratory gunfire is also believed to have injured four other people in the area. 

None of those victims suffered life-threatening injuries. 

WPTV via CNN Newssource

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