Paparazzi call Suri Cruise 'a brat' in video

6:43 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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(USA TODAY) Here's a look at what some celebs face each day.

In new video footage that surfaced this week, Katie Holmes exits a Manhattan building with daughter Suri, 7,and another girl, and they are immediately surrounded and hounded by autograph seekers and cameras.

"We're trying to get in the car," Suri says. "Stop it!"

As they continue to make their way to the waiting car, Suri shrieks, "Get out of the way!"

"Bye, Suri!" says one voice. Another one is heard saying, "Bye, Suri, You little brat!"

Someone says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa" to that comment. To which the other voice says, "She's a little b----, a little brat."

Holmes does not react.

Said Sharon Osbourne on Thursday's Talk, "How dare anyone say that to any child!?"

Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY

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