Selena Gomez on Hooters childhood: 'It was cool'

3:59 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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(USA TODAY) What dining establishment did your dad take you to while growing up? McDonald's maybe? Pizza Hut perhaps?

Selena Gomez's dad dragged her along to - Hooters.

"When I was younger, I think my dad wanted me to be a boy," the Spring Breaker told Chelsea Handler on her show last night. Co-star Vanessa Hudgens had a seat on the couch, too.

"Or a Hooter," interjected Handler, who also told her guest, "I don't see any hooters on you," to which Gomez grabbed her chest and giggled.

Gomez continued: "And so I'd go to Hooters to watch the Spurs game, and all the waitresses would come over and I'd color them pictures. So I was kind of, like, bait for (her father) in a way. It was cool."

The audience's reaction? A mix of laughs and groans.

At least Gomez's father was single.

Speaking of, Handler turned to romance topic to Justin Bieber's ex: "You're single now. Are you enjoying being single?"

"Yes, I really am," Gomez said.

Handler's advice: "You better enjoy this, girl. You're 20 years old. You got a lot of men ahead of you."

Olivia Barker, USA TODAY

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