Chris Christie, Cory Booker compete in parody web video, ''I got this''

4:03 PM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
NJ Gov. Chris Christie as seen in the YouTube video.
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(CBS News) -- A new tongue-in-cheek web video pits N.J. Governor Chris Christie against Newark Mayor Cory Booker in a rivalry similar to Jerry Seinfeld and his nemesis Newman on "Seinfeld."

The video, posted to Christie's official YouTube page shows Christie's staff trying to find out how to make the governor more exciting, but he doesn't like their ideas, so he goes in search of this own ways to create buzz.

Saying, "I got this," Booker foils Christie time and again beating him to the punch by fixing a flat tire and saving a falling baby. Booker is known for his recent real-life fire rescue and helped residents shovel snow.

At the end of the video, while Booker appears to be on the phone talking with presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney about a possible VP slot, Christie gets the last laugh when he takes the phone away Booker and says, "I got this."

Watch the video below.

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