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Gov. Rick Scott orders investigation of college spending

1:47 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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Tallahassee, Florida - Gov. Rick Scott is ordering a statewide investigation of spending in Florida's college system following the discovery of questionable spending at Florida State College in Jacksonville.

The governor wants his inspector general to focus on two main issues: how did Florida State College President Steve Wallace handle tax dollars and how did college presidents across the state spend school money.

Wallace is facing criticism for spending $46,000 in college and foundation cash on meals over two years.

Plus, Gov. Scott wants more information about why the Florida State College Board of Trustees approved a $1.2 million severance deal for Wallace as he steps down as president.

The governor also questions a $540,000 payment to Edison State College President Kenneth Walker. He was fired earlier this year over allegations of inappropriate spending.

"You say, 'Gosh, are we spending the money to make sure our kids get a great education? Or are we spending the money to further the nest of presidents that might be making a lot of money as it is?' So I want to make sure we're spending the money for the citizens of our state, make sure that their kids can get a great education," said Scott.

The governor says he wants a thorough review of spending by the Florida State College Foundation over the past five years.

Scott says spending $46,000 on meals over two years equals $450 a week and he wants to find out how that furthered the interests of the college.

Dave Heller

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