Driver crashes into Tampa Bay

7:15 AM, May 12, 2012   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - Witnesses say a car traveling down South Boulevard careened across Bayshore and crashed through the wall into Tampa Bay, narrowly missing joggers and oncoming traffic Friday night.

The Toyota Corolla sank into the water as bystanders jumped into the water trying to free the trapped driver.

"We just heard a boom and both looked over and the car was in the water," said Kaley Goodman. Her boyfriend was among those who jumped in to help.

Justine Carcary was jogging along Bayshore as she does almost every night and heard the boom even with her headphones on.

"I would have been right here, but I stopped to tie my shoe. I was probably about 30 to 45 seconds from where it hit," said Carcary, who watched as fire rescue crews pulled the driver from the Bay.

Tampa Police have not yet identified the man behind the wheel but say he was a white male, around 30-years-old. He was transported to Tampa General Hospital with critical injuries. He has a pulse, but was not breathing on his own according to fire rescue crews.

"He was trapped in there for almost 7 minutes. They say maybe there was an air packet in there, but he didn't look very good when they brought him out," said Carcary.

A giant tow truck pulled the submerged vehicle from the Bay as fire rescue crews worked to secure the damaged section of Bayshore's wall. Bayshore has now reopened in both directions.

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