Casey Anthony Trial: Casey will not testify, the defense rests its case

4:45 PM, Jun 30, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - It was the million dollar question. Everyone had talked about it.

Now, on Day 32 of the Casey Anthony murder trial, the mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter told the court she will not testify.

WATCH: Live video of the Casey Anthony trial
The Casey Anthony murder trial

Judge Belvin Perry asked if this was her own choice and that she was not forced into making this decision.

Standing next to her attorney, Casey answered, "Yes, sir."

Anthony informed Judge Perry she would not testify, shortly before the jury returned from a lunch recess Thursday afternoon. Attorney Jose Baez then informed the judge that the defense rests its case.

Now that the defense has wrapped up calling witnesses, that leaves a short rebuttal case for the prosecution before closing arguments.

Judge Perry said Wednesday he tentatively expects those to begin on Saturday and then he could hand the case over to the jury for deliberations later that evening or possibly on Sunday.

Crime Scene Photos: Pictures from where Caylee Anthony's body was found (Caution: Some pictures may be considered graphic)

More Pictures: Click here to see the photos Casey Anthony doesn't want you to see (Caution: pics contain some adult material: IE: Drinking, partial nudity)

The defense made big promises in opening statements. Baez said that the defense team would show the jury a history of sexual abuse allegedly at the hands of George and Lee Anthony.

Baez further maintained that George Anthony helped to get rid of Caylee's body after the child allegedly drowned.

Casey, the defense claims, behaved bizarrely when Caylee was missing during that now infamous 31 days in the summer of 2008.

Does this mean the alleged childhood sexual abuse influenced Casey's behavior?

Her parents and Lee have denied the abuse.

So, the only one who can truly confirm the abuse theory is Casey herself. But, those watching the case closely know that had she taken the stand to testify in her own defense, she would be grilled aggressively -- possibly for days -- by the state.

Some say it would be "a slaughter."

Ultimately, the decision was Casey and Casey's alone to make.

The case resumed at 1:30 p.m. 

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