10 News Taste Testers try Dunkin' Donuts new summer menu items

12:31 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- With summer here Dunkin' Donuts is rolling out a whole bunch of new summertime items on its menu. So, we had the 10 News Taste Test team try them out.

Dunkin' Dounts offers two new summer fruit donuts, the Lemonade Donut and the Key Lime Donut. 

The Lemonade Donut features a yeast-filled shell filled with lemon flavored filling, frosted with white icing, and topped with lemonade bark. The Key Lime Donut also features a yeast-shell filled with key lime flavoring, frosted with white icing and finished with a graham cracker topping.

Another breakfast item you can now try, is their Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwiches. At only 360 calories, the sandwich features a fried egg and two slices of bacon between a sliced glazed donut.

With temperatures rising, Dunkin' Donuts also features a handful of frozen drinks during the summer months.

Among them is the Hot Chocolate Coolata, which features rich chocolate flavors, similar to that of Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate, only this time in a refreshing frozen treat. 

Summertime Coolata is the Berry Blast, which provides a burst of pomegranate and blue berry taste in a frozen fruity drink.  You can also try the Raspberry Lime Coolata which has a sweet lime flavor with a hint of raspberry.

Overall, we found that most of these items were a hit, but we really enjoyed the Key Lime Donut and the Hot Chocolate Coolata and would have to give these items two thumbs up!

You can find all the nutritional info for these new items here.

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