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High gas prices causing some drivers to rethink Labor Day holiday plans

10:57 PM, Sep 1, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida - High gas prices are causing some in the Bay Area to rethink their Labor Day travel plans.

Prices at the pump are the highest they've ever been for the holiday weekend. We're looking at an average of $3.75 for regular gas, according to AAA. Nationwide, it's about $3.82.

Juan Concepcion said he is staying local and being very limited with his driving because of the prices. In addition, he's piling up family members in his minivan.

"That's why we're sharing here. Three, four families in one vehicle. 'Cause we can't afford these prices. I just pumped $70 worth of gas," said Concepcion.

A number of other drivers who spoke to 10 News said they are also scaling back plans. Some even decided to cancel holiday trips.

"Stay at home. Go up the street to my dad's house. 'Cause it's, like, six miles away. My brother's, like, 900 miles away," said Dennis Sullivan, who had planned on driving to his brother's house.

According to AAA, the average price of gas for the Bay area has jumped more than four cents in the past week, and nearly 40 cents within the past month. Experts from said apart from lower crude oil and gas inventories over the last several weeks, Hurricane Isaac is mainly to blame.

"That forced the closure of 10-11 refineries, and that in itself really pushed fuel prices up," said senior petroleum analyst at, Gregg Laskoski.

According to Laskoski, it is usually the case that by Labor Day itself, prices will start to drop a bit. However, how much is unclear. It still depends very much on whether those refineries get back to normal. Otherwise, it could take another week or two to come down.

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